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St. Patricks (Walnut) Gym

St. Patricks (Walnut) Gym

On May 26th, 1949 the citizens of Walnut were invited to the grand opening of the brand new St. Patricks Auditorium. An all-day bazaar was advertised in the local newspaper with dinner at 12 pm...

liberty school

Liberty School

Libert School was constructed in 1929 as a one-story brick school that was rather long including the gymnasium inside. The school still has the old wooden merry-go-round, monkey bars and swings out...

Wyandot Swim Club

Wyandot Swim Club

Wyandot Swim Club Once a luxury swim club is now a derelict memory of what it used to be. The vision for the swim club came when Ellis McGeorge “Mac” O’Bannon was engaging in a discussion over...

Holcomb depot

Sante Fe Depot – Holcomb

The Holcomb depot that sits out in a field in Bucklin, Kansas is only a shell of what it used to be. Once bustling with activity it now gathers dust and dirt from the plains. The start of this depot...

Crestline School Dist. No. 78

Crestline School Dist. No. 78

The brand new Crestline School of District 28 was officially dedicated on October 14, 1921. The cornerstone was laid months before by the Board consisting of C.W. Edmonds, J.G. Milner, and R.H...

sabetha jail

Sabetha Jail

The jail that now sits at the Albany Historical Society site is that of the old Sabetha Jail. Saved from being lost forever it now sits on a complex of other saved historic buildings for the public...

St. Aloysius Church Historic Site

St. Aloysius Church Historic Site

The First Church 1871-1879 In order to understand the St. Aloysius Church Historic Site, you have to understand the history of the three buildings that play a massive role in its history. The first...

Hackberry Township Hall

Hackberry Township Hall

Hackberry Township Hall History In 1938 citizens of Bartlett and the Hackberry Township voted to allow $10,000 in bonds to be issued for the construction of a township hall. The Hackberry Township...

muscotah jail

Muscotah Jail

The Muscotah City Jail cell is one of the best-preserved cells I have seen regardless of it sitting in the elements for many years. The cell was designed and manufactured by E.T. Barnum, a popular...

sylvia jail

Sylvia Jail

The Sylvia jail cell is a classic single cell with two bunks designed and manufactured by E.T. Barnum. The cell still sits under an awning to try and shield it from the elements. It is similar to...

humboldt jail

Humboldt Jail

The Humboldt jail cell located at the Humboldt Historical Society is a white single cell. This represents many other jails in Kansas such as the cells still existing in Muscotah, Sylvia and Goff...

Bushong State Bank

Bushong State Bank

Bushong State Bank holds the same construction of many other banks built across the midwest during 1905-1906. Despite other readily available sources stating that the Bushong State Bank was organized...

luray jail

Luray Jail

The Luray jail cell was manufactured by E.T. Barnum Iron Works a reputable jail company in the frontier days. It is a single cell made of strap iron with two pull-down beds. The cell while unsure...

fowler jail

Fowler Jail

When the town was incorporated in 1906 Mayor Pinnick began assessing the needs of the city. He deemed a ‘Jail Committee’ was necessary and emphasized the need to get a jail built. The...

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