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Author - Emily Cowan

Emily is a two-time published author of "Abandoned Oklahoma: Vanishing History of the Sooner State" and "Abandoned Topeka: Psychiatric Capital of the World". With over two hundred published articles on our websites. Exploring since 2018 every aspect of this has become a passion for her. From educating, fighting to preserve, writing, and learning about history there is nothing she would rather do.

Holcomb depot

Sante Fe Depot – Holcomb

The Holcomb depot that sits out in a field in Bucklin, Kansas is only a shell of what it used to be. Once bustling with activity it now gathers dust and dirt from the plains. The start of this depot...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

Crestline School Dist. No. 78

The brand new Crestline School of District 28 was officially dedicated on October 14, 1921. The cornerstone was laid months before by the Board consisting of C.W. Edmonds, J.G. Milner, and R.H...

stull church

Evangelical Church of Stull

Dating back over 140 years the infamous Stull Church got its start. Erected in 1867 under the efforts and direction of Rev. D.R. Zellner and Rev. C. Berner. After raising the needed funds, the...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

Arlington School

During the school election of April 1911, a new school building was discussed and decided this is a need that needed to be addressed soon. The nearby towns of Sylvia, Turon and Pretty Prairie had all...

sabetha jail

Sabetha Jail

The jail that now sits at the Albany Historical Society site is that of the old Sabetha Jail. Saved from being lost forever it now sits on a complex of other saved historic buildings for the public...

utica jail

Utica Jail

Built around 1912 the first time Utica Jail shows up in newspapers was December 28, 1912 in the Ness County Newspaper with the following: Frank McKinney of Gove County who broke out of the Utica jail...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill

Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill 1875-1923 Cedar Point was established with the help of a man from Pennsylvanian named Orlo Henry Drinkwater. Settling in the Cottonwood Valley, he built his...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

St. Aloysius Church Historic Site

The First Church 1871-1879 In order to understand the St. Aloysius Church Historic Site, you have to understand the history of the three buildings that play a massive role in its history. The first...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

Hackberry Township Hall

Hackberry Township Hall History In 1938 citizens of Bartlett and the Hackberry Township voted to allow $10,000 in bonds to be issued for the construction of a township hall. The Hackberry Township...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

Howard National Bank

Kansas State Historical Society In April of 1877, the Elk County “State” Bank was organized with George W. McKey as President. Just a few short years later the bank was converted to the...

fairview jail

Fairview Jail

In 1917, Fairview had a new city jail. This came as a surprise to some residents being as the town was usually pretty quiet and somber when it came to criminal activity. A single cell cage was built...

winchester jail

Winchester Jail

Not much is known about the Winchester jail other than it was moved and restored at the Old Jefferson Town in 1977. The jail was often used for voting, city hall meetings, and other town events. In...

edgerton jail

Edgerton Jail

The Edgerton Jail was purchased from the Pauly Jail Building Co in June 1902 for a total of $92.15. Not much else is known about the cell other than this was not its original location, it was moved...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

Lower Snokomo School Dist No. 32

The Lower Snokomo Distr. No 32 school is one of the few remaining one-room schoolhouses left in rural Kansas. Referred to as both Lower Snokomo and Haubold School the building was constructed in 1890...

Sante Fe Depot - Holcomb

Wichita Greyhound Park

Wichita Greyhound Park opened on September 7th, 1989 as a 72-acre, $18 million luxurious dog racing facility. Greyhound Park allowed for Kansas’ first pari-mutuel betting in greyhound racing...

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