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Archive - Northern Kansas

barber school district no. 82

Barber School District No. 82

Barber School District No. 82 was formed in July of 1871 by the county superintendent. It was comprised of portions of Districts 15, 40 and 8. Citizens quickly got to work on issuing bonds for a...

sabetha jail

Sabetha Jail

The jail that now sits at the Albany Historical Society site is that of the old Sabetha Jail. Saved from being lost forever it now sits on a complex of other saved historic buildings for the public...

fairview jail

Fairview Jail

In 1917, Fairview had a new city jail. This came as a surprise to some residents being as the town was usually pretty quiet and somber when it came to criminal activity. A single cell cage was built...

frankfort jail

Frankfort Jail

This historic jail in Frankfort Kansas was not the first calaboose in the city, in fact this jail was built to replace another. On December 22, 1898, A.W. Snodgrass was contracted by the City of...

goff jail

Goff Jail

The Goff jail is unusual in its construction and doesn’t look like most other cage cells documented. It is meant to hold one person and was housed in the old City Hall building of Goff. At some...

Almena Jail

Almena Jail

The Almena jail stands as a testament to our history when outlaws roamed the Midwest. Most of these concrete calabooses were built during the 1900-1915 era when the pour in place method became...

mclouth jail

McLouth Jail

According to government insurance maps and newspapers, the McLouth Jail was constructed sometime between 1913 and 1921. It is a barrel roof concrete structure with a cell on each end with a barred...

mahaska jail

Mahaska Jail

The Mahaska City Jail is peculiar in design, having a square structure that looks to be wrapped in a material made to look like brick. The cell would have been a fancy cell for the small town. The...

clyde jail

Clyde Jail

The beautiful stone jail that sits in Clyde Kansas dates back to December 1885 when it was completed. But the jail seemed to be vacant in most of its early days, it was reported in October 1886 that...

Lebanon Jail

Lebanon Jail

In 1910 Lebanon Mayor Ellsworth Adams with a committee consisting of John C. Bunker, Clarence Eugene Ingram, and E.C. Elroy. Together, they voted for the City of Lebanon to make a purchase of two...

summerfield jail

Summerfield Jail

The Summerfield Jail was built in 1903 and constructed of lovely native stone making the walls thick and “indestructible”. It was dedicated on September 3, 1903 with the imprisonment of a...

Oketo Jail

Oketo Jail

The lot on which the Oketo jail sits, off Monroe Street, was purchased by local businessmen chipping in money together in August of 1890. By September work had commenced on the stone calaboose that...

Wetmore Jail

Wetmore Jail

The start of the Wetmore jail dates back to 1882 when the City of Wetmore purchased Block 22, Lot 20 from Elvin Campfield for the purpose of building a calaboose on the land. Work on the jail lasted...

Hoyt Jail

Hoyt Jail

In March of 1911, The Hoyt Sentinel reported, “There has been a rumor in circulation that the city paid $300 for the two old creamery lots. The fact is the city has not invested a dollar in...

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