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frankfort jail

Frankfort Jail

Location Class:
Built: 1899 | Abandoned: 1950s
Status: Restored
Photojournalist: Alice Crawford

This historic jail in Frankfort Kansas was not the first calaboose in the city, in fact this jail was built to replace another. On December 22, 1898, A.W. Snodgrass was contracted by the City of Frankfort to build the new jail just near where the former calaboose sat. The jail was to be constructed of thick stone walls and a heavy iron door with iron window grating. A few months later in May 1899, the brand new stone jail was complete. Some of the newspaper stories depicting the jail and its patrons are included:

Marshall County News April 2, 1936 – Three narcotic addicts are being held in the county jail here for questioning in connection with the robbery of a Frankfort drug store and clothing shop early Monday morning. The men are E.W. Hibbon, Jim Payne, and Ace Mann who Sheriff M.F. Flanagan said spent the night in Frankfort’s city jail….

The Frankfort Index August 31, 1937 – Earl Duke an escaped prisoner from the Westmoreland jail was captured….. He was placed in the Frankfort city jail and held until Westmoreland officials called for him. He was returned to the Pottawatomie county jail this morning by Sheriff Joe Dixon and Deputy Ray Fairchild.




    https://www.loc.gov/resource/g4204fm.g4204fm_g029611893/?sp=2&r=-0.024,-0.058,0.572,0.748,90 (Old jail shown here)

    https://www.loc.gov/resource/g4204fm.g4204fm_g029611911/?sp=3&r=0.045,0.013,0.552,0.422,0 (New jail shown here)





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