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Archive - Southern Kansas

preston school

Preston School

The beautiful brick building that you see today sitting in the small town of Preston covered in vines and hidden by towering trees was constructed in 1921 as the Preston School. It didn’t...

Edwin Smith Mansion

Edwin A. Smith Home

Joseph C. Smith Sr. and Mary Francis Burt Smith had decided that Wellington Kansas would be the place they settled down to have and raise their children. Mary had birthed four children Edwin, Joseph...

furley bank vault

Furley Bank Vault

The small town of Furley Kansas was sitting at a population of 200 in 1911. Gene Merrill felt the city was in need of a bank and decided to be the head organizer for an institution. With help from...

Loy School

Loy School

The Loy School was birthed when a local farmer by the name of Robert Loy donated a parcel of his farmland on October 17, 1891 for the purpose of building a school. The limestone schoolhouse was named...

Hackberry Township Hall

Hackberry Township Hall

Hackberry Township Hall History In 1938 citizens of Bartlett and the Hackberry Township voted to allow $10,000 in bonds to be issued for the construction of a township hall. The Hackberry Township...

Howard National Bank

Howard National Bank

Kansas State Historical Society In April of 1877, the Elk County “State” Bank was organized with George W. McKey as President. Just a few short years later the bank was converted to the...

Wichita Greyhound Park

Wichita Greyhound Park

Wichita Greyhound Park opened on September 7th, 1989 as a 72-acre, $18 million luxurious dog racing facility. Greyhound Park allowed for Kansas’ first pari-mutuel betting in greyhound racing...

sawyer jail

Sawyer Jail

Bids for the Sawyer Jail were taken in January and February of 1917 with calls to find someone with the materials to do so. A barrel roof single celled brick structure with two barred windows was...

minneola jail

Minneola Jail

The Minneola jail cells were ordered and delivered in June 1915 via telegraph after a local committee was appointed to do just that. Two fused together steel cages with pull-down beds were delivered...

halstead jail

Halstead Jail

This is the city jail that was originally located in the city hall building in the alley behind Main Street. The jail was built around 1908 when it first showed up on a sanborn map. It is made of...

Mound Valley Jail

Mound Valley Jail

The Mound Valley City Jail is in remarkable shape, you can tell someone has put love into keeping this building in great shape for visitors. In order to truly appreciate this piece of frontier...

sharon jail

Sharon Jail

Not much information could be found on the Sharon City jail but the sign above it says it was established in 1900. It is a square cement calaboose that has two cells inside, both had strap iron cell...

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