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winchester jail

Winchester Jail

Not much is known about the Winchester jail other than it was moved and restored at the Old Jefferson Town in 1977. The jail was often used for voting, city hall meetings, and other town events. In...

humboldt jail

Humboldt Jail

The Humboldt jail cell located at the Humboldt Historical Society is a white single cell. This represents many other jails in Kansas such as the cells still existing in Muscotah, Sylvia and Goff...

frankfort jail

Frankfort Jail

This historic jail in Frankfort Kansas was not the first calaboose in the city, in fact this jail was built to replace another. On December 22, 1898, A.W. Snodgrass was contracted by the City of...

lecompton jail

Lecompton Jail

The Lecompton jail as of 2022 is 130 years old, most buildings are destroyed in some fashion before even turning a hundred. The care that went into its construction allowed it to last through many...

americus jail

Americus Jail

The Americus jail was built in the Spring of 1899 just before the turn of the century under the supervision and order of Mayor William Ernst. Contract for the stonework was awarded to a gentleman by...

claflin jail

Claflin Jail

Not much is known about the “bear cage” jail cell located at the Barton County Museum. It is alleged that this jail cell once belonged to the City of Claflin and was provided by the Army...

lucas jail

Lucas Jail

The start of the Lucas City Jail came in October 1901 when J.F. Mansfield began circulating a petition for Lucas to build a jail. And by February of next year, the city jail of Lucas was finished and...

Wilson Jail

Wilson Jail

On May 10th, 1907 a contract was let between the owners of the nearby Powers and Tobias Building, W.B. Power and Joseph F. Tobias and the City of Wilson. The contract outlined the construction of a...

tescott jail

Tescott Jail

The Tescott Jail was made in 1914 by the popular jail company E.T. Barnum. It is a single steel cell with one pull-down bed. The city of Tescott listed in its end-of-year disbursements $132.13 for...

bunker hill jail

Bunker Hill Jail

This jail, one of the best-preserved in the state, dates back to 1871. Allegedly this building was the Russell County Jail from 1871-1876. One of the most well-designed jails of its time, it is a...

halstead jail

Halstead Jail

This is the city jail that was originally located in the city hall building in the alley behind Main Street. The jail was built around 1908 when it first showed up on a sanborn map. It is made of...

Lebanon Jail

Lebanon Jail

In 1910 Lebanon Mayor Ellsworth Adams with a committee consisting of John C. Bunker, Clarence Eugene Ingram, and E.C. Elroy. Together, they voted for the City of Lebanon to make a purchase of two...

Oketo Jail

Oketo Jail

The lot on which the Oketo jail sits, off Monroe Street, was purchased by local businessmen chipping in money together in August of 1890. By September work had commenced on the stone calaboose that...

Wetmore Jail

Wetmore Jail

The start of the Wetmore jail dates back to 1882 when the City of Wetmore purchased Block 22, Lot 20 from Elvin Campfield for the purpose of building a calaboose on the land. Work on the jail lasted...

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