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Archive - 1800's Built

barber school district no. 82

Barber School District No. 82

Barber School District No. 82 was formed in July of 1871 by the county superintendent. It was comprised of portions of Districts 15, 40 and 8. Citizens quickly got to work on issuing bonds for a...

ravanna school

Ravanna School

The Ravanna School was built in late 1888, it was a two-story, stone building that would serve the community. By November twenty-one men had been employed to work on the new educational facility and...

Loy School

Loy School

The Loy School was birthed when a local farmer by the name of Robert Loy donated a parcel of his farmland on October 17, 1891 for the purpose of building a school. The limestone schoolhouse was named...

stull church

Evangelical Church of Stull

Dating back over 140 years the infamous Stull Church got its start. Erected in 1867 under the efforts and direction of Rev. D.R. Zellner and Rev. C. Berner. After raising the needed funds, the...

Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill

Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill

Drinkwater & Schriver Flour Mill 1875-1923 Cedar Point was established with the help of a man from Pennsylvanian named Orlo Henry Drinkwater. Settling in the Cottonwood Valley, he built his...

Howard National Bank

Howard National Bank

Kansas State Historical Society In April of 1877, the Elk County “State” Bank was organized with George W. McKey as President. Just a few short years later the bank was converted to the...

Lower Snokomo School Dist No. 32

Lower Snokomo School Dist No. 32

The Lower Snokomo Distr. No 32 school is one of the few remaining one-room schoolhouses left in rural Kansas. Referred to as both Lower Snokomo and Haubold School the building was constructed in 1890...

frankfort jail

Frankfort Jail

This historic jail in Frankfort Kansas was not the first calaboose in the city, in fact this jail was built to replace another. On December 22, 1898, A.W. Snodgrass was contracted by the City of...

lecompton jail

Lecompton Jail

The Lecompton jail as of 2022 is 130 years old, most buildings are destroyed in some fashion before even turning a hundred. The care that went into its construction allowed it to last through many...

americus jail

Americus Jail

The Americus jail was built in the Spring of 1899 just before the turn of the century under the supervision and order of Mayor William Ernst. Contract for the stonework was awarded to a gentleman by...

bunker hill jail

Bunker Hill Jail

This jail, one of the best-preserved in the state, dates back to 1871. Allegedly this building was the Russell County Jail from 1871-1876. One of the most well-designed jails of its time, it is a...

clyde jail

Clyde Jail

The beautiful stone jail that sits in Clyde Kansas dates back to December 1885 when it was completed. But the jail seemed to be vacant in most of its early days, it was reported in October 1886 that...

Oketo Jail

Oketo Jail

The lot on which the Oketo jail sits, off Monroe Street, was purchased by local businessmen chipping in money together in August of 1890. By September work had commenced on the stone calaboose that...

Wetmore Jail

Wetmore Jail

The start of the Wetmore jail dates back to 1882 when the City of Wetmore purchased Block 22, Lot 20 from Elvin Campfield for the purpose of building a calaboose on the land. Work on the jail lasted...

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