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Archive - 1900's Built

guinn school district 36

Guinn School District #36

Prior to this building being constructed another one existed “on the old Fair Ground Road”. In January 1909 a boy discovered the Guinn School house in flames with the cause of origin...

dorrance drug store

Dorrance Drug Store

Much isn’t known about the Dorrance Drug Store, from what we could find it was built prior to 1908. The store can be seen in the picture above next to the Dorrance Post Office which accompanied...

Holcomb depot

Sante Fe Depot – Holcomb

The Holcomb depot that sits out in a field in Bucklin, Kansas is only a shell of what it used to be. Once bustling with activity it now gathers dust and dirt from the plains. The start of this depot...

St. Aloysius Church Historic Site

St. Aloysius Church Historic Site

The First Church 1871-1879 In order to understand the St. Aloysius Church Historic Site, you have to understand the history of the three buildings that play a massive role in its history. The first...

edgerton jail

Edgerton Jail

The Edgerton Jail was purchased from the Pauly Jail Building Co in June 1902 for a total of $92.15. Not much else is known about the cell other than this was not its original location, it was moved...

muscotah jail

Muscotah Jail

The Muscotah City Jail cell is one of the best-preserved cells I have seen regardless of it sitting in the elements for many years. The cell was designed and manufactured by E.T. Barnum, a popular...

sylvia jail

Sylvia Jail

The Sylvia jail cell is a classic single cell with two bunks designed and manufactured by E.T. Barnum. The cell still sits under an awning to try and shield it from the elements. It is similar to...

belpre jail

Belpre Jail

The Belpre Jail cell sits alone at City Park, a remembrance of our history and how the times of incarceration have changed. It is a single cell made by E.T. Barnum, a popular jail cell manufacturer...

Bushong State Bank

Bushong State Bank

Bushong State Bank holds the same construction of many other banks built across the midwest during 1905-1906. Despite other readily available sources stating that the Bushong State Bank was organized...

lucas jail

Lucas Jail

The start of the Lucas City Jail came in October 1901 when J.F. Mansfield began circulating a petition for Lucas to build a jail. And by February of next year, the city jail of Lucas was finished and...

hudson jail

Hudson Jail

The Hudson City Jail was built in 1908 and is a square concrete building fit with a cage inside made of thin iron. One story I found regarding the jail was in the Stafford County Republican July 17...

Wilson Jail

Wilson Jail

On May 10th, 1907 a contract was let between the owners of the nearby Powers and Tobias Building, W.B. Power and Joseph F. Tobias and the City of Wilson. The contract outlined the construction of a...

halstead jail

Halstead Jail

This is the city jail that was originally located in the city hall building in the alley behind Main Street. The jail was built around 1908 when it first showed up on a sanborn map. It is made of...

Mound Valley Jail

Mound Valley Jail

The Mound Valley City Jail is in remarkable shape, you can tell someone has put love into keeping this building in great shape for visitors. In order to truly appreciate this piece of frontier...

sharon jail

Sharon Jail

Not much information could be found on the Sharon City jail but the sign above it says it was established in 1900. It is a square cement calaboose that has two cells inside, both had strap iron cell...

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