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Archive - 1910's Built

arco building

ARCO Building

Prairie Oil & Gas Company Office The Prairie Oil and Gas Company was a large competitor of Sinclair, and was founded in 1900.  During its initial four years, the Prairie Oil and Gas...

hope jail

Hope Jail

Sitting in the backyard of Mr. Palmer’s home is a single cell jail. “It came with the house when I bought three years ago. The home used to belong to the town banker.” How it ended...

Wayside School

Wayside School

In 1916 Wayside was approved for a new brick one-story school with a basement and modern facilities. The space was used for community events, suppers, reunions, weddings, etc and continued to host...

Big John School

Big John School District No. 39

The Big John School also known as Lower Big John School (there was also an Upper Big John) is one of the greatest examples I have ever seen of existing small schoolhouses in the Midwest. Located in...

grand valley school

Grand Valley School

Driving down a dirt or gravel road, a wheat field on one side, cornfield on the other and prairie grass for miles ahead. Inevitably if you drive long enough you’re bound to come across a few...

furley bank vault

Furley Bank Vault

The small town of Furley Kansas was sitting at a population of 200 in 1911. Gene Merrill felt the city was in need of a bank and decided to be the head organizer for an institution. With help from...

Arlington School

Arlington School

During the school election of April 1911, a new school building was discussed and decided this is a need that needed to be addressed soon. The nearby towns of Sylvia, Turon and Pretty Prairie had all...

fairview jail

Fairview Jail

In 1917, Fairview had a new city jail. This came as a surprise to some residents being as the town was usually pretty quiet and somber when it came to criminal activity. A single cell cage was built...

St. Johns Hospital - Salina

St. Johns Hospital – Salina

The idea for the St. Johns Salina Hospital was pitched by Rev. Father Maher of the Sisters of St. Joseph who then brought the idea to other non-Catholic citizens of Salina who agreed there was a need...

white city jail

White City Jail

In 1907 the first instance of White City’s needs for a jail was published, and again in a 1909 paper. It seemed White City was almost desperate for a lockup to hold those that stepped out of...

bison jail

Bison Jail

In April of 1913, the City of Bison came to the decision that the erection of a jail for the growing city was in order. John Butler was the lucky man to receive the contract for building the jail. By...

mclouth jail

McLouth Jail

According to government insurance maps and newspapers, the McLouth Jail was constructed sometime between 1913 and 1921. It is a barrel roof concrete structure with a cell on each end with a barred...

sawyer jail

Sawyer Jail

Bids for the Sawyer Jail were taken in January and February of 1917 with calls to find someone with the materials to do so. A barrel roof single celled brick structure with two barred windows was...

tescott jail

Tescott Jail

The Tescott Jail was made in 1914 by the popular jail company E.T. Barnum. It is a single steel cell with one pull-down bed. The city of Tescott listed in its end-of-year disbursements $132.13 for...

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