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Archive - 1920's Built

Seward Jail

Seward Jail

According to local historian Charlie Keller he was alive when the jail was built between 1924-1926. The story behind why the jail was built offers a new explanation to why many of these small towns...

osawatomie state hospital

Osawatomie State Hospital

To Read A Fully Detailed History, Former Patient/Staff Stories, and See 50+ Exclusive High-Quality Pictures Click Here to Order ‘Abandoned Kansas: Healthcare in the Heartland’ Talks of...

katy hospital

Katy Hospital

To Read A Fully Detailed History, Former Patient/Staff Stories, and See 50+ Exclusive High-Quality Pictures Click Here to Order ‘Abandoned Kansas: Healthcare in the Heartland’ In 1865 the...

liberty school

Liberty School

Libert School was constructed in 1929 as a one-story brick school that was rather long including the gymnasium inside. The school still has the old wooden merry-go-round, monkey bars and swings out...

preston school

Preston School

The beautiful brick building that you see today sitting in the small town of Preston covered in vines and hidden by towering trees was constructed in 1921 as the Preston School. It didn’t...

bavaria school

Bavaria School

The small town of Bavaria sounds like something you would run across in Germany rather than Kansas. That’s because its name originates from Germany. Once a bustling town it boasted a brand new...

Crestline School Dist. No. 78

Crestline School Dist. No. 78

The brand new Crestline School of District 28 was officially dedicated on October 14, 1921. The cornerstone was laid months before by the Board consisting of C.W. Edmonds, J.G. Milner, and R.H...

cimarron city jail

Cimarron City Jail

The Cimarron City Jail has a basic calaboose construction having an entryway with a single cell. Made entirely of concrete with a few iron-barred windows and a flat top roof. The boom of crime in the...

Spring Hill Jail

Spring Hill Jail

The Spring Hill jail was constructed by A. H. Starbuck in 1927 and was located in the City building near its current location. This cell served as a holding cell for petty criminals, drunks or those...

All Saints Catholic Church - Liberty

All Saints Catholic Church – Liberty

The history of the All Saints Catholic Church in Liberty, Kansas dates back to the 1880s when the church was first organized. Services were held in members’ houses, most of the time in the...

County Line School

County Line School

On the backroads of Ottawa County lies a tiny red brick, vernacular, one-room schoolhouse. The County Line School gets its name from its location, right on the Ottawa and Lincoln County line. Built...

Neosho Falls Jail

Neosho Falls Jail

The Neosho Falls Jail single cell was not always by its lonesome before it was located in the Neosho Falls City Hall. The cell was built in 1923 and is made of iron, painted white. When the City Hall...

menninger clinic

The Menninger Clinic

WATCH OUR FEATURE LENGTH FILM “The Hill That Healed¬† Nation” BELOW Before there was Menningers there was Security Benefit Association which established a home for the elder, orphanage...

Cedar Vale Jail

Cedar Vale Jail

This jail is presumed to have been built after 1921, according to The County Liner and Cedar Vale Commercial Dec. 16, 1921 “Cedar Vale’s jail was burned on the night the armistice was...

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