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stull church

Evangelical Church of Stull

Dating back over 140 years the infamous Stull Church got its start. Erected in 1867 under the efforts and direction of Rev. D.R. Zellner and Rev. C. Berner. After raising the needed funds, the...

St. Aloysius Church Historic Site

St. Aloysius Church Historic Site

The First Church 1871-1879 In order to understand the St. Aloysius Church Historic Site, you have to understand the history of the three buildings that play a massive role in its history. The first...

All Saints Catholic Church - Liberty

All Saints Catholic Church – Liberty

The history of the All Saints Catholic Church in Liberty, Kansas dates back to the 1880s when the church was first organized. Services were held in members’ houses, most of the time in the...

Dubuque Church

Immanuel Lutheran Church of Dubuque

The Immanuel Lutheran Church located in the derelict town of Dubuque, Kansas wasn’t always in the shape it’s in now. The history of the church goes back to the “pioneer days”...

Simons Church

St Simon’s Episcopal Church

Sunday School of St. Simon’s James H. Guy was the first African American to practice law under the Ohio Supreme Court when he was admitted in 1882. Coming to Topeka in the mid-1800s James...

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church – Emmeram

Twenty-five members attending St. Fidelis Church nearby petitioned for another church to be constructed just north of Victoria, Kansas in a town called Norddorf. Norddorf was a very small community...

Elgin, KS

Elgin, KS

Elgin was founded in 1869 by Lyman P. Getman, with one of the earliest most prominent families in the town coming a few months later. That being the family of Romulus (Rome) Hanks, cousin of Abraham...

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