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Vermilya-Boener House

Vermilya-Boener House

Cruising down the back roads of Douglas County you come across some interesting and at times amazing things. The Vermilya-Boener House is one of those amazing things. Initially, it can be almost...

osawatomie state hospital

Osawatomie State Hospital

To Read A Fully Detailed History, Former Patient/Staff Stories, and See 50+ Exclusive High-Quality Pictures Click Here to Order ‘Abandoned Kansas: Healthcare in the Heartland’ Talks of...

liberty school

Liberty School

Libert School was constructed in 1929 as a one-story brick school that was rather long including the gymnasium inside. The school still has the old wooden merry-go-round, monkey bars and swings out...

barber school district no. 82

Barber School District No. 82

Barber School District No. 82 was formed in July of 1871 by the county superintendent. It was comprised of portions of Districts 15, 40 and 8. Citizens quickly got to work on issuing bonds for a...

ravanna school

Ravanna School

The Ravanna School was built in late 1888, it was a two-story, stone building that would serve the community. By November twenty-one men had been employed to work on the new educational facility and...

furley bank vault

Furley Bank Vault

The small town of Furley Kansas was sitting at a population of 200 in 1911. Gene Merrill felt the city was in need of a bank and decided to be the head organizer for an institution. With help from...

docking building

Docking Building

Throughout the 1940s and early 50s state agencies were housed within the State Capitol building and other private buildings throughout the city. As time went on the idea of a single, modern state...

Loy School

Loy School

The Loy School was birthed when a local farmer by the name of Robert Loy donated a parcel of his farmland on October 17, 1891 for the purpose of building a school. The limestone schoolhouse was named...

Holcomb depot

Sante Fe Depot – Holcomb

The Holcomb depot that sits out in a field in Bucklin, Kansas is only a shell of what it used to be. Once bustling with activity it now gathers dust and dirt from the plains. The start of this depot...

utica jail

Utica Jail

Built around 1912 the first time Utica Jail shows up in newspapers was December 28, 1912 in the Ness County Newspaper with the following: Frank McKinney of Gove County who broke out of the Utica jail...

Chamness School

Chamness School

When it was built in 1867-68 it was actually known as the Welsh School. The Welsh school began to serve the community after students had been attending a subscription school in the log church that...

Cedar Point School

Cedar Point Consolidated School

In 1918 a devasting fire completely destroyed the Cedar Point School, quickly classes were moved to Principal Mrs. Ada Lake’s home. Miss Myrtle Self and Miss Henry Young held their classes in...

Vernon School

Rural High School Vernon Kansas

Before the current Rural Vernon School, there was just Vernon High School, presumably built in the mid-1910s. School lunches at the school cost around 2 1/2 cents which would run you about 44 cents...

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