Pleasant Valley School

Location Class:
Year Built: 1881 | Year Abandoned: 2015
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Emily Cowan

This native sandstone one-room schoolhouse was constructed in 1881 just on the outskirts of Yates Center. There is two different colored sandstones giving evidence of an addition later on. Six years after its construction a fence was deemed necessary to construct around the premises. Posts and lumber were brought in to enclose it, today though there are no remnants of it. Many different events were held here such as Sunday School meetings, Prohibition meetings, ice cream socials & pie suppers, etc. A tradition that occurred during the early years of the school were end of year activities. After a successful school term Pleasant Valley and often times Rose, Harmony, and West Buffalo schools would attend a picnic and field sports. Sack races, basketball and baseball tournaments were held with even teachers participating.

Like many other small country schools after its last classes in 1952, it was used as the 3-N-1 4H Club. It was used as a meeting place for the 4-H Club up until around 2015 Mark Pringle estimates. Due to most of the members living in town, it was decided that the one-room schoolhouse would be locked up and the members would meet at a more convenient location in town.

Article by AKS Photojournalist Emily Cowan.

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